Sunlight building a reputation

Although a cheaper brand, Sunlight is attempting to get itself a reputation for quality, safety and comfort. The factory at Neustadt near Dresden is one of the most modern factories of the leisure vehicle industry. Thanks to an efficient modular system and sophisticated logistics more than 30 new vehicles “made in Germany” leave the assembly line every day.

The assembly line has a length of 450 m and thus is the longest within the European industry. It is located on a site with an area of about 27,000 square metres.

In April 2015 Sunlight opened a second production line 250 metres in length.

The company employs over 400.  Depending on the model, they need between 1.3 and 1.5 days to complete one vehicle. The process starts with the preparation of the sturdy and high-quality Fiat Ducato chassis. It is optimised to receive the motorhome body and is offered in different variants for various models. This is followed by work steps involving the assembly of the floors, routing cables and gas pipes and fitting the furniture, the side panels, the rear and the roof. Afterwards the final optical details are completed: applying the exterior decals, covering the cab seats in order to match the soft furnishing of the lounging area and last but not least, the final cleaning.

Several quality controls during production ensure a stable value, flanked by gas, water and electrical inspections as well as additional checks by the Quality management and a professional final inspection. In addition, each employee pursues a high-level quality programme in his section at all times – a procedure that is promoted by the company.


Professional production from A to Z

Another essence of this modern production plant is the one-stop fabrication. This signifies that the factory not only assembles the vehicle, but also produces the main elements such as side panels, roofs and rear walls as well as the 250 to 300 furniture parts per vehicle. The furniture parts and side panels are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines, whereas most of the assembly is carried out manually. To ensure top craftsmanship in all production sectors, the factory employs highly skilled workers from a variety of professional disciplines such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, car mechanics and coachbuilders, all doing their best to produce high-quality motorhomes for Sunlight customers.  

Additionally there are five partner companies working on site, supplying the Sunlight factory with body doors, gas locker hatches, pull-down beds, wiring harnesses, metal parts and side skirts. Other partners assume the initial inspection of the chassis and paint work.


Continuous knowledge transfer

As a member of the Erwin Hymer Group, Sunlight benefit from decades of success amassed by the parent company. Many years of experience incorporate into the development and production of the nine Sunlight Low Profile and three overcab models. Proven concepts are retained and new methods are devised. At the same time, purchasing through the Erwin Hymer Group gives Sunlight the opportunity of high-quality materials being bought at a fair price.


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