RV burns in Duncan

06 April 2018
The photograph shows the burned out shell of a motorhome in Duncan, British Colombia, Canada.  The cause of the fire is not yet known.&
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RV burns in Saskatchewan

12 February 2018
The photograph shows a burning motorhome in a Walmart car park being dealt with by the Saskatoon Fire Department in  Saskatchewan, Cana
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RV burns in Sarnia

24 January 2018
The photograph from the fire department of Sarnia, near Windsor, Canada shows a burning motorhome.  The conflagration also damaged a ne
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Sales rebounding in Alberta

20 January 2018
Calgary’s RV Expo and Sale in the BMO Centre at Stampede Park is Susan Gitzel’s favourite show.  As dealer principal of Guarantee
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Fire destroys RV in Kelowna

22 December 2017
The photograph shows the results of a motorhome fire in Kelowna in Canada which took ahold quickly according to witnesses and has totally wr
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Online RV rental venture on road to success

13 November 2017
If you’re the owner of a recreational vehicle that gets to stretch its legs for a few weeks each year but spends the rest of the time in the
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Insurance solution for RV sharing in Canada found

14 October 2017
The global sharing economy is booming. Companies like Uber, Airbnb and Turo are testing the traditional constraints of insurance and demandi
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Floods take vans in Canada

17 September 2017
Dramatic photographs of motorhomes being carried away by the swollen Kitimat River. One of the vans belongs to a couple, aged 94. In total,
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The world's first self driving RV

28 August 2017
Thanks to the Erwin Hymer Group working with staff in Canada, the dream of going to sleep in one place and waking up in another in your own
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Discovering eastern Canada

14 August 2017
The midsummer heat of Toronto hit us hard even though it was shortly after midnight as we clambered out of our taxis downtown. But the lo
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