Attracted by Instagram images of a free-spirited, simpler way to travel, older consumers are turning to vans for their trips, while adding the high-end spin they can afford.

Record sales at last month’s Covi SuperShow, the largest motorhome and caravan expo in New Zealand, is a clear indication the RV lifestyle is booming in New Zealand.

For 30 years John and Margaret Spain have lived in a motorhome, calling New Zealand their backyard. The couple sold their Dunedin home three decades ago and hit the road.

When Roger and Trish Jenkins spent a night at a Taranaki campground they had no intention of staying any longer.  But then they discovered they loved the place and less than a fortnight later, they owned it.  In a strange twist the former leaseholder of Marine Park Motor Camp in Waitara, north of

Mia Brookes has a cherished signed poster on her wall with 2018 Olympic snowboard champions 

If you dream about owning a cow, you can adopt one in northern Italy and even eat the cheese that has been produced with her milk.