A major reason why living in a motorhome is so appealing to people is because of the focus on simplicity; the great appeal of having everything you need and nothing you don’t. Living with less allows us to focus on the important things in life; our dreams, our passions--the list goes on.

Picture yourself comfortably cruising through rolling fields of green tea bushes, discovering exotic, weather-worn wooden temples, walking amid Japanese World Heritage sites, and falling asleep at night after a long soak in a natural hot spring. I’ve done it, so can you.

Christmas in Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian Tirol, is not all about the twinkling lights, roasted chestnuts and craft stalls; head to the nearby village of Igls (just 5 km from Innsbruck) to witness the famous St. Nicholas and Krampus Parade on Sunday 2 December 2018.

Liberation Route Europe Foundation and Rough Guides have announced their new co-operation to produce a travel book about the liberation of Europe during World War II.

The theme year Rembrandt & The Dutch Golden Age will be celebrated throughout Holland in 2019 as the new year will mark 350 years since Rembrandt van Rijn passed away.

I fell in love with New Zealand watching it on the big screen. For years I held the epic scenery from The Lord of the Rings in my mind: the misty mountains, the blue rivers and the rolling countryside with the Hobbit holes. But it didn’t occur to me to go there.