Wellhouse Leisure launch long wheel base

Wellhouse Ford Terrier

Wellhouse Leisure has launched a new long wheelbase (LWB) model of its Ford Terrier 2 campervan with either a pop-top or high-top roof. 

Although it’s only 36.7 cm longer than the standard model, the extra body length provides room for an additional cupboard in the Tecnoform side kitchen/wardrobe unit. The extra interior length can accommodate two optional, individual, removable rear seats so it can carry up to seven people.  

Like the standard model, to maximise the useability of the internal space, the rear seats slide on rails in the floor. This creates the flexibility to move rear passengers closer to the driver while travelling and create extra room to carry larger items, like bikes, inside the vehicle; alternatively, the LWB model can create a rear lounge by rotating the two optional seats to face the rear bench seat while travelling, or when camping face them forward to create a front lounge while leaving the rear seat set up as a bed. 

The extended elevating roof by SCA has been especially made for Wellhouse Leisure’s new LWB model and can accommodate a second (optional) double bed which is extra-large and 2.2m long. 

The new LWB model will also benefit from the all-new Ford EcoBlue Euro VI engine. This new 2.0-litre diesel engine has 130 PS with better fuel economy and more torque than the previous 2.2-litre, 125 PS TDCi unit it replaces. 

There are SE and Sport trim levels available, with on the road prices starting from £44,000. Options include the roof bed (£450) and the extra, individual seats (£600 each). 

David Elliott, Managing Director of Wellhouse Leisure commented: “It’s incredible how much extra living and storage or load space the long wheelbase model provides, despite being only slightly longer than the standard Terrier model.” 

“With the option of up to seven seats, the Wellhouse Ford Terrier is now the most comprehensive campervan ranges available, and with the new Ford Euro EcoBlue VI engine, it is also even better to drive with more refinement, driveability, yet lower running costs,” David added. 




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