Vantage Cub

Like Mobilvetta Design in Italy, Vantage Motorhomes was thought up by a furniture designer.  Scot Naylor is a motorhomer and he decided to use his carpentry skills on vans and was so successful that he had to find new premises to do so.  Vantage have a range of vans and Cub is the smallest, measuring only 541cm and features two 185cm long single beds.

The vehicle is based on the 2.3 litre Fiat Ducato with six-speed manual gearbox.

The problem for some may be the separation between the cockpit and the habitation area due to the kitchen and wet room blocking the path - this could prove a problem in inclement weather.  The boiler is powered by both gas and electricity, the fridge is electric with power coming from the solar panel on the roof.

Another outstanding feature is the washroom which measures 92 x 67cm - remember that this van is only 541cm long! 

The rear lounge means that there is not much room for storage but there is a bit at the rear via a hatch.