Taking the Carthago e line chic for a test drive

The Carthago chic e-line and chic s-plus offer a number of features for the full time motorhome user which could be highly useful such as at least 200 litres of fresh water and two powerful on-board batteries.  Carthago thinks that these vehicles are the self-sufficiency world champion, so lets take a look in more detail.

The Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame and single or tandem real axle is under the chic e-line. The new Iveco Daily (5.6t) is concealed under the chic s-plus with a ladder frame with rear wheel drive.

The Carthago chic e line has beds with point-elastic sub-springs, a new bathroom with changing room, a cockpit in yacht design with wood and leather steering wheel can be swivelled away.  In the kitchen one finds space for a Nespresso machine as a new option.

Further changes in detail refer to the equipment. There is an LED light strip under the fold-down bed. Models with single beds are provided with a new rear wall design that runs along the head side of the sleeping area, and a newly positioned reading lamp. In the driver's cabin, new consoles make turning the seat easier in the chic s-plus.

There are twelve layouts with transverse bed, queen-sized bed and individual beds range from the 699cm long e-line 44 to the 815cm large s-plus 52. Prices start from EUR100,000.


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