RV has hot tub and helicopter!

Exhibiting for the first time at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show, Furrion unveiled its' new series of future perfect electronics for the home by showcasing them in its' Elysium which is a somewhat extreme form of mobile life.   While the Consumer Electronics Show may have seen a RV outside of the show floor before, it has never seen something as large or luxurious as the Elysium.  The Elysium is simply the definition of living luxury.  

"We wanted to showcase all that Furrion has to offer at our first CES and the Elysium does just that," said Matt Fidler, chief marketing officer for Furrion. "Not only is it luxury vehicle, but more so it allows us to show these products in a working home environment - even if it is a home on the go.  We think consumers will respond well to the wide range of products we are offering that combine the best in technology advancements with clean, modern designs. Our company services four key industries, RV, yacht, business such as hotels and restaurants and now the home. As we continue to grow as a company into the mainstream consumer space, we knew the next step is to make sure we have an impactful presence at the world's largest technology trade event."

Furrion's Elysium is a 14 metre (45 ft) RV with Furrion's HDTVs, kitchen appliances, Audio, guidance and observation products inside. A first at CES, the Elysium has HTV on the side and back and a rooftop deck that features a helicopter and a hot tub.

The Elysium is 14 metres (45') long, 240cm (8') wide, 4.5m (13' 6") high and is a fully operational home on wheels. Complete with Furrion electronics - from three large screen 75' HDTVs, infotainment systems, cameras, fireplace, a complete kitchen that a chef would love complete with induction cooktop, convection microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and a wine fridge. The Elysium features future forward technology including a smart toilet and smart shower. The upper deck has an entertainment area, hot tub and helicopter landing area where you will find the Robinson R22 helicopter.  The helicopter platform lowers above the master bedroom during transport.  All the TVs feature Furrion's proprietary Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technology making sure the picture is always razor sharp regardless of the conditions.  The Elysium features the latest in automation, observation and navigation making it a stand out in both the RV and technology world.

Photo : Furrion's Elysium is a 45 ft RV that showcases Furrion's HDTVs, Kitchen appliances, Audio, guidance and Observation products inside. A first at CES, the Elysium defines living luxury complete with HTV on the side and back and a rooftop deck that features a helicopter and a hot tub.


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