Peggy Peg has new Charisma

Brigitte and Achim Reinhold, the owners of Peggy Peg, manufacturers of screw in tent pegs, have taken delivery of a new Concorde-Reisemobil Charisma 9000 M. Completely branded it serves as a showroom, office and second home. More than 200 days a year, the motorhome is traveling all over Europe visiting trade fairs and other events.

The motorhome is decorated with company designs and include places visited such as Scotland, Bernese Oberland Jungfrau Region, Death Valley and Monument Valley USA, Mainaue in Franconia and the island Fehmarn in the Baltic.

Brigitte Reinhold says 'The Peggy Mobil is our second home. Achim lives about 200 days a year. It travels around 25,000 kilometers annually across Europe. We visit trade fairs in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and of course Germany. We also carry goods for sale and samples meaning that we need the full payload of 1.5 tonnes '
The charisma itself was delivered by Concorde with standard equipment although it has a larger roof window in the sleeping area. 


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