Mercedes Marco Polo - looks flash, totally impractical

This is the Mercedes Marco Polo - it could be the current most famous camper van due to the amount of press it has received but in the opinion of this writer it is not a good choice for anyone going camping - although for the glamping set where looks count more than practicality it may do.

It is based on the V-Class platform which is just short of a Sprinter.  So it is effectively an estate car.  And this estate car has a lot going for it including active parking, attention assist (which stops you dropping off) and optional 360-degree cameras.  There is a choice of three four-cylinder turbodiesel engines, ranging from 134bhp and 188bhp. 

On the off chance that you may be using it for campng, as you can see in the film, it has two heated captain's seats which means that you can turn around and sit four of you at the slide out table.  Alternatively you can leave the back seats down and lie on them or maybe sit cross legged at the table.  The kitchen has a top quality relatively deep sink, two hobs and a compressor fridge.  The rear seats are of course slideable should you want more room in the van.  The roof pops up electronically and there is space there for a second bed.  So in other words it just the same as the VW has been for the past thirty years or so.

It is only available in left hand drive but Mercedes say that they will do a right hand drive model if demand permits.  In the opinion of this writer, unless you want a car that has a camper conversion to impress your mates then you would be better off getting a van with a toilet and a shower.



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