MAN launches camper at CMT

The in-house MAN luxury manufacturer BMC (Bus Modification Center) in Plauen, Germany, iintroduced some initial thoughts on the dual-use vehicle at the CMT in Stuttgart (13th-21st January 2018). The initial impetus came from the extensions of the MAN TGE to the BF3 vehicle, escort vehicles that secure heavy transports to the rear and also serve as a rolling hotel for the crew. Regardless of how these vehicles are used in a work context, it is also conceivable for the MAN TGE to be used for purely leisure purposes.

The topic is not that new as MAN presented the first weekend car to the public at a vehicle fair 90 years ago.  However the company is best known for coaches, buses and lorries as well as 4x4 solutions.  Building on this competence two camers have emerged as innovative ideas, making potential customisations possible.

Both prototypes use a MAN TGE 4x4 van with a standard wheelbase and a high roof as their basis. The vehicles are powered by a 1,968cc diesel engine with 130 kW/177 hp. While the first prototype follows the basic idea of variability for a dual-use vehicle for two people, the second concept features a classic layout of permanently-installed interior furnishings. However, both vehicles are not intended as move-in-ready campervans, but rather as a solid base with plenty of room for the specific needs of the end customer. The main reason is that the dual system, with removable furniture that can be placed at different locations, is aimed at those who are more interested in their sporting leisure activities with expensive equipment than actually travelling in a motorhome for their holidays. Or in a nutshell: During the week, the MAN TGE transports working equipment, and at the weekend it has a side job of transporting items such as mountain bikes or hot air balloons.

"With our second study we have gone a step further to show just what the BMC can do. Here, beside a washroom, we have fitted an elevating roof of the type normally to be found only in smaller vehicles. In doing this we want to demonstrate our competence and experience in the individualisation of vehicles that above all in classic B2B business is based on the modification of coaches for commercial customers," said Heinz Kiess, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing at the Bus Modification Center.

A chassis height adjustment and wide off-road tyres, which ensure a further increase in ground clearance, take the individual character of the two concepts into account. In addition, the modification provides a significant improvement in off-road driving conditions. When equipped like this, both concepts show the wide-ranging competence of the BMC when it comes to customisation and optimisation of MAN vehicles.



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