Malibu Charming Coupe 640

Malibu is expanding its range of vans with the new Malibu Van Charming Coupé which will be introduced as from 2020. 

The Malibu Van Charming Coupé: lots of space and freedom of movement in the living area which includes ample standing height thanks to removal of the overhead storage cabinet.  It also has the patented 3-in-1 flexi-bathroom, a practical kitchen unit and large beds in the rear.  The manufacturers claim that the Malibu Van Charming Coupé combines the handling of a van with the spacious living room of a compact semi-integrated motorhome. The overhead storage cabinets and canopies with indirect lighting have been extended, and integrate the cockpit into the living area.

The company has also introduced into all its campervans an optional intermediate floor for the garage.   Other novelties include overhead storage cabinets with shelves above the kitchen worktops, additional indirect LED lighting and the hatch in the double floor as a storage compartment in the lounge.