la Strada Regent S : a 4x4 Mercedes camper

Regent S is a compact camper van by la strada based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The living space of the la strada Regent S is designed for two people.

Instead of working with mechanical differential locks, the all-wheel drive of la strada Regent S 4x4 operates with the electronic traction system 4ETS from Mercedes-Benz: If one or more wheels lose traction on a slippery surface, 4ETS brakes automatically those running wheels with brief impulses at the same time as it increases driving torque of the wheels with good traction. This automatic braking intervention can simulate the effect of up to three differential locks: longitudinal lock, rear axle lock and front axle lock. This all-wheel variant is selectable when stationary or at low speeds of up to 10 km/h. Power transmission runs at a ratio of 35:65 to the front and rear axle.

The body of la strada Regent S 4x4 is lifted by 110 mm in the front and by 80 mm in the rear, compared to the standard model. The angles of slope at the front and rear axles make thus la strada Regent S 4x4 usable also for difficult terrain. The all-wheel version of la strada Regent S can be combined with a 2.2 litre engine with 120KW/163PS or the 3.0 litre engine with 140KW/190PS.

Together with the Austrian all-wheel specialist Oberaigner, la strada equips its all-wheel models of the Regent and Nova series for rougher off-road conditions. In addition to that, the selectable all-wheel drive can be converted to a permanent one. Off-road reduction gear, mechanically switchable longitudinal and transversal differential locks and the optimal cross-country tyres can be be taken as options.


Safer driving

The newest generation of the Mercedes Sprinter sets new standards in the forefront of driving safety. Five new assistant systems support the driver. The crosswind assistant holds the camper van securely on course at strong wind gusts. The blind spot assistant informs prior to the lane change about vehicles which are dangerously close in the adjacent traffic lane. The distance-warning assistant warns when there is too small distance to vehicles driving in front. All three systems are world premieres in this class of vehicles. Also new are the lane departure assistant and the high-beam assistant. Except for the serial crosswind assistant, the other assistant systems are available in the optional technical package 2 of the Regent S fittings list. The engines correspond to the requirements of the Euro-6 emissions standard and are best in the class for fuel consumption.


Living space with high suitability for daily use

The living space in the Regent S is designed for two persons.

An upwards foldable extension plate in the kitchen unit serves as working surface. The 60 litre absorbtion refrigerator is mounted next to the kitchen unit at easily accessible height. There are wall cupboards and five drawers in different sizes for the kitchen utensils. Two folding doors provide access to the bathroom on the opposite side. This space-saving solution opens the entire bathroom front and at the same time extends free space in the passageway. The bed uses the Froli system and has a cold-foam mattress. There are eight wall cupboards, a wardrobe and two drawers under the bed.

The rear belted seats can be fixed in four positions to suit if the car is moving or be used for living.  The sitting concept is available with many fabric and leather variants. Four furniture decors are also available for selection, as well as 14 outside lacquer coatings.

The la strada Regent S has space for two 11-kilogram gas bottles. The manufacturers claim that the vehicle can be used for transporting bulky items as the middle cupboard is easily removed. They also claim that bicycles and surfboards can be carried easily.

The base price of la strada Regent S 4x4 is EUR72,344


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