la strada Avanti XL : 4x4 in a camper van

la Strada Avanti XL 4x4 camper van

la strada Avanti XL is based on the Fiat Ducato and its four wheel drive version features a powertrain with two transfer gearboxes, shifted longitudinal drive and automatic 4x4 Visco coupling. The all-wheel drive in Avanti XL works permanently and distributes the power automatically on the wheel with the most grip. A differential drive on the rear axle or a rear differential with limited slippage can be selected. In addition the ground clearance is lifted by 15 millimetre at the front axle and by 23 millimetre at the rear axle. The four wheel drive versions of la strada Avanti XL can be combined with a 2.3 litre engine with 96KW/130hp or 109KW/148hp.

Large storage space

la strada Avanti XL has a heated double floor as well as quite a lot of storage, despite its compact dimensions of less than six meters length and slightly more than 2 meters width. There is a stable slide out drawer in the rear storage compartment which carries a load of up to 50 kilograms for such items as two camping chairs and one table. For bulky transportation tasks, the double bed can be partially folded up leaving free space up to the ceiling. In the living area, the double floor provides space for tools, shoes and other utensils through four flaps of different sizes, through which the double floor is accessible. When the sliding door is open, a large drawer extends fully under the kitchen block and can be used both as a storage space and outdoor table.

Living room for two

Avanti XL is a fully equipped camper van for two persons. The bed has a Froli plate-spring system and cold-foam mattress. In front of it, the compact bathroom with ceramic toilet and washing facility is accessible through two folding doors. This space-saving solution opens the entire front of the bathroom and at the same time expands the free moving space in the gangway.

On the opposite side is the kitchen unit. The embedded 3-flame gas cooker has a piezo-igniter, which makes the use of matches or lighters unnecessary. An unfolding working surface expands considerably the action radius in the kitchen. On-board there is an 80 litre refrigerator which is mounted next to the kitchen unit at an easily accessible height. The drawers under the cooker and the sink offer storage space for pots and pans.

In the front area there is the semi dinette. By turning the driver cab seats a suite for up to four people is obtained. In the driver cab the standard seats of the Fiat Ducato have been upholstered and the plastic armrests of the driver cab seats now also have a fabric cover. As an option, one can order Aguti captains’ seats with electrically adjustable lumber support, five-level seat heating and covered with living-area fabric.

The base price of the four wheel drive la strada Avanti XL is EUR59,740.


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