Knaus - thirty years in business

In 1988, KNAUS celebrated a highly regarded première with the presentation of its first motorhome. The Traveller 625 was available in three colour variants and was a success from the moment it was launched. The friendly, light design of the spacious interior, the well-equipped interior – that included everything from the cooker hood to the roof box, full bath, cosy dinette and the lush alcove bed – turned the new Traveller (at a base price of 54,000 Deutsch Marks) into a best-seller. Three years later, the Traveller’s little brother (Traveller 580) was launched on the VW T4 basis. Even attachable living quarters, called Traveller X at KNAUS, were available back then. In 1996, the first integrated vehicle hit the market. The Travel-Liner 640 created the entrance to the luxury class, even in terms of price: the 640 began at a price of 100,000 Deutsch Marks. After the turn of the century, the distinctive and modern design of the C- and S-Liner followed. In 2009, the focus was on well-loved, partially integrated motorhomes; this led to construction of the SUN and SKY TI models. In the booming camper van segment, KNAUS entered the fray in 2012 with the BOXSTAR. In the meantime, this range has been supplemented by the BOXLIFE and the BOXDRIVE, which was constructed based on the VW Crafter. They are now both part of the Bavarian brand’s full CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicles) range. For motorhomes, in the Liner class and its luxurious SUN I, the models VAN I and SKY I round off the portfolio of the integrated vans.

From the first model, one of the first KNAUS Traveller 625, the Jandelsbrunn-based company was able to score one of the very first models. Currently, the well-cared for classic car (model year 1988) is in the apprenticeship shop and is being meticulously restored by Knaus Tabbert apprentices in Jandelsbrunn under the direction of a small group of retired persons currently enjoying an active retirement.  



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