Karmann Mobil Dexter 570 4x4

The Dexter 570 4x4 is being introduced by Karmann-Mobil for the 2020 season.  The room layout is focused on comfort for two people on a compact footprint. Only two beds - but with a length of 2 meters and only two seats with legroom around a folding table which can be removed.  

The vehicle uses the Ford Transit's intelligent four-wheel-drive system. Winter characteristics include what the manufacturers claim to be efficient isolation.  It has 6 KW diesel heating or alternatively, gas heating. With a towing capacity of 2.8 tons, the Ford Transit, which is designed to be an automobile, is equally suitable as a towing vehicle for recreational and sports trailers as well as an everyday vehicle.

The new furniture concept brings a more modern look to the combination of a light gray furniture body and walnut-look furniture surfaces.

Combined with the sister model Dexter 560 4x4, equipped with a transverse bed in the rear and a half-dinette, Karmann-Mobil is tackling the offensive in the market segment of compact all-wheel-drive camper vans. With a basic price of 52,980, - both models are also an attractively priced entry into the world of four-wheel drive recreational vehicles dar.


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