Hymer to launch B Class Modern Comfort

Hymer has revealed that it is about to lauch new vans based on its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Vans: the Hymermobil B Class ModernComfort. The integrated and semi integrated models in the lay-outs 580 and 680 are the only motorhomes to date in which the chassis cowl specially developed by Mercedes Benz Vans for the new Sprinter is coupled with a chassis made by a motorhome manufacturer. The new generation of motorhomes offers a light and stable body together with improved safety and driving comfort.

Inside the vehicle, Hymer has come up with a completely redesigned interior and furniture design with a distinctive modern look. On the outside, the models have a strongly automotive appearance.

Christian Bauer, Managing Director of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG., says: “With the B Class ModernComfort, we are opening the next chapter in our collaboration with Mercedes Benz Vans. We are very proud to be the first company to incorporate the new
Sprinter chassis cowl in series production. With the B-MC, we have succeeded in designing a motorhome series in the 3.5 ton class which boasts a kerb weight of well under 2,900 kg despite a nearly seven metre long layout. That makes us the first manufacturer for years to achieve such a break-through with a Sprinter based semi integrated model”.

Innovative, safe and light: the result of an intensive collaboration

The integrated and semi-integrated models of the new B Class ModernComfort are characterised by their extremely light body. This is due partly to the GRP lightweight floor and HYMER’s proven PUAL technology,but most of all to the weight -
optimised SLC chassis. Distinguished with the European Innovation Award, the chassis also has a very generous double floor which ensures a level surface throughout the motorhome without affecting either the overall height or headroom of the vehicle. Measuring 36 centimetres high, it offers space for all the necessary technical components such as plumbing, electronics and heating. Also incorporated in the double floor are the fresh and waste water tank, which have a capacity of 180 and 150 litres respectively and thus allow greater self sufficiency. The double floor is easy to load from both the out-side and inside.

For the B-Class ModernComfort, the SLC chassis was equipped with a version of the new Sprinter's chassis cowl spec ially developed for motorhomes by Mercedes-Benz.

Unprecedented in the industry, this collaboration has the advantage of allowing the powertrain, tank and all other aggregates to be incorporated in front of or under the cab. For HYMER as a bodywork manufacturer, this means greater freedom in terms
of the rear vehicle design. It also lends an automotive flair to the model range.


Power, agility and comfort are hallmarks of the new Mercedes
Benz Sprinter engines, especially the 177 hp diesel engine which is available exclusively for motorhomes. In conjunction with the new 6 - speed manual gearbox or the newly available 9 speed automatic transmission, this allows high cruising speeds with maximum, low noise engine smoothness and optimised fuel consumption.

A high level of safety is ensured by numerous assistance systems such as DISTRONIC Active Distance Control, Crosswind Assist and Active Brake Assist. The new B Class ModernComfort combines the experience of two premium manufacturers in order to offer a hitherto unique motorhome.


Automotive exterior design meets modern interior concept
The exterior of the integrated Hymermobil B Class ModernComfort echoes the lines of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, featuring optimally designed exposed edges. This lends an automotive look to the whole exterior design which is further accentuated by
the wide, central radiator grille element. The high uality black gloss grille with its optional chrome plated fins is a real eye catcher.

The LED fog lights with integrated cornering light are mounted in matching plastic
elements and blend seamlessly into the front design. The visible garage casing with
black diffuser look below the rear light moulding echoes the front design for a harmo-
s, overall look of sporty elegance. In terms of the interior, HYMER breaks new
ground with a central design concept of strong lines in which everything is arranged
at a slight, six degree angle, from the orientation of the furniture elements through
their geometry to the comfort bathroom. The resulting alignment extends from the cab
through the living area to the sleeping area at the rear, allowing a clear view through
the entire vehicle with no disruptive contours. This clean look is underlined by the
continuous living area floor, which can be suitably enhanced throughout the vehicle
by indirect lighting in the plinth area. The slightly angled effect is also reflected in
individual details such as the overhead locker doors or the washbasin in the bathroom,
resulting in an individual and highly distinctive design. The twin beds in the rear main-
tain the same lines in a trapezoidal shape tapering towards the foot end. A special
highlight is the geometrically identical extra cushion with storage shelf which can
beremoved and inserted exactly into the gap between the mattresses.
That way the single beds can be turned readily into a large, comfy sleeping surface
for two. Directly beneath is the newly developed folding ladder up to the beds. The
generous comfort steps are equipped with a non-slip coating to match the floor.

short, there is every mod con thanks to the HYMER ComfortPlus system specially
developed for the Hymermobil B Class ModernComfort.


Premium bodywork and equipment details

Even the smaller lay out 580, measuring 6.99 metres by 2.29 metres, offers plenty of room thanks to an intelligent division of space. The side kitchen has a 142 litre refrigerator with freezer compartment. More or less facing this is a seating area upholstered in a special water repellent fabric. An integrated upholstery concept with dual foam core ensures optimal stability combined with excellent seating comfort. Thanks to a recess in the rear wall of the washroom, an up to 32 inch LED TV can be incorporated harmoniously into the overall design. The new comfort bathroom is optically divided into two sections, one side containing the generous shower with 1.94 metre headroom and the other the bench toilet plus integrated washbasin and side shelf.

The larger layout 680, measuring 7.39 by 2.29 metres, also boasts a number of high-lights. Instead of the comfort bathroom, this version features a central bathroom with a generously designed shower cubicle. The doors of the washroom can serve as a
partition, dividing the interior of the vehicle into two sections. The living and dining area in the front section is notable for its stylishly designed corner kitchen with large worktop, which is situated directly adjacent to the seating area. Thanks to a range of
optional extras, the new HYMER ModernComfort can be tailored to suit the customer’s wishes. In layout 580, for example, the twin beds are available in a 2.20 metre long version in addition to the classic size of 195 cm by 86 cm – a rarity in a vehicle
under seven metres.

The inclusion of a HYMER Smart Battery System gives motorhomers even more independence. This innovative energy system combines lithium and lead batteries and ensures intelligent regulation of the charge level for even greater self sufficiency. For
added privacy, new, optional roller blinds are fitted to the front windscreen which can be operated from the bottom up or the top down. This prevents outsiders from looking in without impairing the view from inside.

The new B-Class ModernComfort will be available from dealers from the end of August 2018.



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