Hymer Exsis t

The Exsis t is in the semi integrated version of the Exsis-i.  Hymer believes that they have produced a vehicle which is even lighter, the smallest variant tips the scales at a mere 2,700 kilograms in running order. "We've managed to save weight by using new materials, a GRP lightweight floorpan insulated with polystyrene, a special AL-LO frame and the PUAL body developed by Erwin Hymer" says Head of Division, Bernhard Kibler.

LED lighting is standard as well as all-inclusive equipment such as multizone cold foam mattresses, garage doors on both sides, and power windows and central locking in the driver's cab. "All our new models are fitted with additional standard features such as the safety packet which comprises airbags, ESP, hillholder, etc.," adds Kibler. The design engineers found a particularly smart solution for the transition from the living area to the driver's cab. The overhead cupboards are cleverly fitted to produce seamless and generous lines. The panorama roof fan floods the interior of the lightweight van with light. "Personally, my favourite layout is the Exsis-t 588,” say Kibler. "Its single beds, high-board refrigerator block, comfort washroom and floor-to-roof wardrobe totally redesign the interior concept. At the same time, it's still less than seven metres in total length.”

Over 80% of all Hymer vans are now under 3.5 tonnes. Weight not only plays an important role with respect to efficiency. Better fuel economy and lower charges soon become noticeable in the owner's pocket. Another point is that prospective owners who received their driving licence after 1996 are not permitted to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes without taking an additional test. "Irrespective of all that, our customers also place great importance on manoeuvrability - this is an enormous advantage when van owners travel to countries in southern Europe," adds Bernhard Kibler.


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