Hymer Exsis i688

The Exsis i688 is at the top of the Exsis i range and comes at a price of EUR74,590.  It is built on the Fiat AL-KO Ducato chassis with a 2.3 litre multijet Euro 6 engine putting out 130hp.

It measures 720 x 212 x 222.  Internal width is 205cm and height 277cm giving between 184 and 198cm of headroom.  Total weight is 2930kg with 570kg of payload although an option exists of having it classified at 4.5 tonnes giving another tonne of weight if needed.

Refrigerator capacity is 105 litres with 150 as an opiton.  There is 100 litres in the fresh water tank with the same amount in the waste water tank.  There is one 95Ah battery with an option for a second one.  There are two 12v sockets and four 220V and one USB.



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