How RVs have changed over the years

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are synonymous with road trips and summer. Whether you're taking a cross country drive in a giant motorhome with all the amenities of a real house, or camping out in a renovated van, these vehicles epitomize freedom and travel — and they're getting more and more popular.

Beginning with the first RV-type vehicles in the 1910s, which included small cabins built onto the back of regular cars, RVs eventually evolved into homes, and even mansions, on wheels.

Airstream trailers, for example, were first released in the late 1920s and became wildly popular in the following decades. Then, motorized RVs (rather than attachable trailers) like the Dodge Travco exploded onto the scene and into the mainstream in the 1960s.

Today, RVs — be they trailers or converted vans — have seen a resurgence in popularity based on nostalgia. You can even stay in a renovated Airstream trailer via Airbnb.

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