Hobby Vantana

Hobby Vantana

Originally added to the Hobby range in 2015, the vehicles in the Vantana series have meanwhile successfully established themselves on the highly competitive van market. The previous choice of five model versions with various floor plan solutions and vehicle lengths has been retained for the 2016 season. Besides the four models with a double bed, there is also the Vantana K65, which features single beds. Otherwise, the main differences are in the design of the sanitary facilities, which, depending on the model, are conceived either as side washrooms or bathrooms.

In addition to the standard white paintwork, the Vantana  – which is based on the Fiat Ducato – is available optionally in silver, grey or black.

The Hobby Vantana  owes its growing popularity not only to its attractive exterior design but also to its great versatility. Despite their extremely compact dimensions, all Vantana  models are fully equipped and highly comfortable motorhomes. The agile leisure vehicles are not only ideal travel companions but they are also highly suited to everyday use. For example, in only a few seconds, the sleeping area in the rear can be converted into luggage space for transporting bulky objects. Slatted bed frames and mattresses can then be strapped to the side platform with a minimum of fuss. However, there is no lack of storage space in the Vantana at the best of times. Its numerous top cupboards and storage compartments can easily accommodate a couple's holiday luggage – indeed this is precisely the target group at which the Vantana  is aimed.

A new technical highlight for 2016, both here and in all the other Hobby motorhomes, is the new TFT control panel. It replaces the previous LCD control panel and represents a quantum leap in operating comfort thanks to its modern display and 16-bit colour resolution for symbols and graphics. It can display backgrounds and pictograms with far more clarity and dynamism. The integrated SD card serves as a configuration module and can be used for installing software updates, for instance from authorised Hobby dealers.

Despite the comprehensive range of standard fittings that the Vantana  is equipped with, there are further optional packages available that enhance its comfort even more. Depending on their personal requirements, customers can choose between a lamp package, starter package or multimedia package, to add an individual touch to their Vantana . 


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