Hobby Siesta Edition

Hobby Siesta Edition

The Hobby Siesta, has eleven models which are directed at families with children.  Among the five semi-integrated models, there are three versions that include a mechanical drop-down bed. Even when the beds are down, the vehicle exits are still freely accessible.

The strengths of the Siesta series include the GRP roofing and floor material. The Siesta is also fitted with the patented multifunctional HOBBYTherm® floor, whose XPS heat insulation also ensures that the supply and waste lines are protected from frost. Moreover, this construction also serves as underfloor heating, as the hot air lines pass through the floor of the vehicle.

For the 2015 season, the Siesta has been given a new exterior design. The base vehicle is the new Fiat Ducato. A completely new feature is the polysty-rene-free construction of the Siesta Edition models.


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