Hobby carries out cold chamber experiments

Together with the heating specialist Truma, Hobby is carrying out cold chamber testing on its new range of vans under extreme conditions. The OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION’s practicality had already been demonstrated on the winter tour in Norway, but is being proven once again in various test cycles in impressive fashion. At a defined outside temperature of - 20 degrees, the temperature inside the vehicle is measured at critical points, while a thermal imaging camera analyses any weak spots.

In several tests, the temperatures are measured in areas such as the seating area, the centre of the vehicle, the bed or bathroom using sensors. At the same time, the outer shell of the Hobby vehicle is monitored by the thermal imaging camera to detect any thermal weak spots during the heating process. Head of Design Matthias Schätzle is extremely pleased now that the series of tests is over: “Our improved wheel arch in particular has demonstrated outstanding thermal properties. We have used a different material here for the first time and are delighted with this positive result.”   


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