Eura Mobil i700HB

This vehicle has an impressive use of space and is probably my favourite vehicle from Eura Mobil.  It is the l 700 HB and has an innovative floor plan with spaciousness at a maximum length of only 7.15 m.  A large bathroom placed transversally in front of the double bed in the rear is the core element of this unique room design. Compared to classic transversal floor plans, additional space has been made by placing the wash basin on a wall right in front of the bed.

By fitting the wardrobe at the foot of the bed, this floor plan benefits from additional freedom of movement, allowing enough room for a bed 1.9 m in length. A mirrored sliding door to the bed and a second sliding door to the kitchen turn the bathroom into a separate and particularly spacious dressing room when needed.  A full-format mirror on the rear sliding door and the brightly illuminated shower cubicle with rain shower further enhance the room’s wide impression. In addition, the height-adjustable bed, which is conveniently accessed via a wide step, can be individually adjusted in its entry height, thus allowing you to choose an individual entry height or to variably adjust the rear garage underneath.

The impressive feeling of space continues in the front of the vehicle: the large kitchen with an ergonomically shaped worktop and a 160-litre refrigerator has been adopted from the 9 m length top models. With five comfortable seats, the living area with L-shaped sofa and the single seat fitted opposite also leaves no wish ungranted when it comes to travelling comfort.  The new Integra 700 HB thus connects the comfort of a liner with the external dimensions of an integrated medium-sized vehicle.

The low-frame chassis from AL-KO contributes to the almost compact-size impression gained from the outside and particularly emphasises the handling advantages of the twin-axle.  Add to this the innovations of the new Integra generation presented in August, which include the hallmarks of a luxury liner in combination with a compact superstructure height of just 2.92 m.  The reduction in height has been countered with the exclusive design and ambience of the interior. As a result, the new Integra is a completely new development with its own style.