Electric RV to be launched

Iridium has announced that it will be launching a motorhome with an electric drive at the Stuttgart CMT travel fair on 12 January 2019. 

"It will not be a preliminary study, but customers can already buy this vehicle in Stuttgart," says Christian Klaiber. He is head of the Future Mobility Initiative and an expert in electromobility, and supports Iridium with the launch of clean and quiet campers.

"Iridium is making a major step towards sustainable camping with the first electrically powered motorhome," says Klaiber.

In addition to classic camper vans Klaiber sees another target group for the e-mobile: "There are business travelers who like me want to be eco-friendly and flexible on the go and are used to answering the e-mails as soon as possible.  This is extremely comfortable in the motorhome - and you do not need to worry about a hotel room for an overnight stay, but you always know in advance how to stay. "

The concept for the Iridium E-Mobil comes from the Swabian company WOF (Motorhome Outlet Factory). The company based in Weilheim an der Teck specializes in the sale of motorhomes and refines vehicles under the Iridium brand. For the Iridium E-Camper, WOF has partnered with three companies, each of which has a great deal of experience and specialist know-how in their field. "We wanted a practical motorhome that was fully developed and reliable from A to Z," adds Klaiber. For example, WOF has been supplying a chassis from heavy-duty commercial vehicles for years. Maurer Fahrzeugbau AG, a Swiss manufacturer of exclusive motorhomes, is creating a structure in which customers can choose between classic sandwich construction and Monoshell technology. This offers a particularly warp-resistant body without seams and joints and thus without squeaking noises.


Motorhome refuels when braking

The entire drive solution comes from the Swabian electric vehicle specialist EFA-S, which has already converted about 200 trucks of the parcel service UPS to pure electric vehicles. Special features include EFA-S relays on synchronous motors, which already develop their full torque at zero speed and reaches maximum range through a self-developed battery management system. Individually monitored lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are considered by experts to be more efficient and safer than pure lithium-ion storage, deliver the energy to the motor with high-voltage technology. As with Formula 1 vehicles, energy is recovered and stored during braking with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology. "The motorhome practically refuels when braking," says Klaiber.

Because the organizers of the Stuttgart travel fair CMT also assume that the e-motorhome will meet with great interest from the public, Iridium has received one of the most sought-after trade fair locations. "The first all-electric motorhome on the market can be found right in the entrance area of ​​the fair," says Klaiber. "Virtually everyone passes by."

The other brands distributed by WOF are also represented at CMT. The vehicles of Mooveo and Bela can be found in Hall 5 on Stand A 72.

WOF GmbH intends to set up a dealer network for the Iridium brand. It is currently the general importer of the Mooveo brand for Germany and Austria. These motorhomes and camper vans manufactured by the French Pilote Group are currently being purchased by some 15 WOF dealers who also provide service to these vehicles. Another WOF brand is Bela. 



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