DuoCar : a conception for couples

At Caravan Salon 2017, Hymer presented its DuoCar concept on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. The aim of the prototype was to develop a compact layout, which is perfect for two and offers plenty of living space at the same time. 

In producing the vehicle, Hymer worked with the innovation company Venture Idea from Düsseldorf, which incorporated current trends, valuable best practices and inspirations from related industries into the development process. Above all, however, customers were involved in the process in the form of regular focus groups and on online platforms. Together, ideas were gathered and evaluated, and a new concept was developed in the end. The result of all the hard work was a total of eight new layouts which will go into production.

The majority of motorhome enthusiasts travel as couples, so when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, they focus on different features than families or single people. The DuoCar boasts a separate shower and toilet, making it possible for both to be used at the same time. The spacious bathroom is located at the rear of the vehicle and can be accessed from both inside and outside. The double bed has an impressive length of two metres. This can be easily folded away to create a couch in a few simple steps, taking up less space during the day as a result.

There’s no need to make the bed every day either, as the bedding disappears into the folding mechanism. This creates a spacious lounge area featuring a two metre long sofa, which forms a cosy sitting area together with the two comfortable seats in the cab. The continuous windows on both sides, which are extremely rare in the industry, are one of the real highlights of the vehicle. All of this glazing transforms the panel van into a bus. 


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