Dogscamper - for dogs

Dogscamper is built for dogs - or rather, for travel-loving dog owners. In January of this year, the first Dogscamper from Hagen were presented on a Mercedes-Benz Vito basis. Now there are vans for the four-legged family members also based on the VW T6. Available are the Dogscamper with short as well as with long wheelbase and all-wheel drive.

Martin Hemp, who runs Dogscamper says that "A camper for man and dog must be able to do much more than a classic camper."

For example, the camper must be robust and easy to maintain. For this reason, Dogscamper relies on wood-free and water-resistant materials.  The furniture modules are made of aluminum and composite materials and easy to disassemble. At low weight, they are robust and easy to clean, corrosion-free and stable.

Like the seats, the removable furniture modules are fixed in a special rail floor and securely anchored. The modules not only allow the Dogscampers to be used for holidays but also as passenger cars (with up to six seats) or vans. Depending on requirements and requirements, additional modules, such as a toilet box, can be added quickly and easily at any time.

At the heart of the Dogscampers is the Vari-Modular-System. It creates a safe living space for the accompanying dog, no matter how short or long the journey.  The space for the dog can be flexibly adjusted according to its size, from the Yorkshire Terrier to the largest breed with various grid elements that are inserted and anchored in the rail system on the vehicle floor.

With the VW T6 with a short wheelbase, the maximum size of the dog area, which can be subdivided as desired, is 103 x 150 centimeters; on the basis of the long wheelbase, dog breeds with a maximum of 103 x 200 centimeters can be realized.

The minimum dimensions are 49 x 50 cm or 103 x 50 cm (W x L). In the direction of travel grid elements can be set in a grid of 35 or 50 cm. This results in the lengths 50/85/100/135/150 cm for the short wheelbase, in addition 185/200 cm for the long wheelbase.

Dogscamper's product range includes full-width vehicle rear panels with one or two doors, half-width rear panels, various side panels, and matching ceiling panels and divider dividers.

The bed can be easily unfolded and used at any time above the dog pool, and all furniture doors can be opened on top of that.

Even with the 103 x 200 cm dog box mounted, which occupies about 2/3 of the floor space of the vehicle, all cabinets can be opened. On the rotated front seats, two people can sit next to each other at the table and also cool box, sink and stove are accessible from the front or through the second sliding door.

Due to the different grid elements from the Kleinmetall company, the size of the dog compartment can be easily and quickly varied. So in everyday life with medium room size of the dog compartment up to four seats can be realized, even with XXL size remain two seats.

The sturdy and variable system meets the strength requirements for animal transport, thus allowing the safe accommodation of the dog while driving. In the stand, about while staying on the camping or pitch, makes a second door to the interior of the box to a quiet retreat for the traveling four-legged friends.

Dog-friendly is also the water system, which is optionally available with hot water boiler. By means of an outdoor shower, dirty quadruped paws can be easily cleaned outside the vehicle during a walk. Suitable linings in the form of tarpaulin trays additionally protect the interior against soiling. In addition, accessories such as entry ramps, a roll-out scratch protection for the bumper and safety belts are offered. The dog-friendly campers are supplemented with optional air conditioners, which keep the dog warm in winter and cool in summer.


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