Dethleffs Esprit 6820

I am a big fan of the Hymer DuoMobile which is an integrated vehicle for two people.  However the forerunner of that vehicle was the Dethleffs Esprit 6820 which comes in a overcab version as can be seen in this video.  As Dethleffs did not want to do an integrated model, Hymer did it instead - of course both companies are owned by the Erwin Hymer Group!   

The version shown here is the Alpa layout which is for a couple travelling - as with the Duomobile.

The Esprit Comfort Coachbuilt models have a lot of space - particularly a very big lounge.  The heated double floor also protects all the water installations. With its height of 40 cm, the double floor is a storage wonder and can carry everything for your holiday needs – that is very important for winter holidays! 

As well as the water tanks, the wheel arches are within the double floor giving the living area much more space, more comfortable bathrooms, and much more elbow room. The cab is used as an air lock and keeps icy temperatures at bay. The same applies to summer heat.

ALDE  warm water heating can be taken as an option..

Esprit Comfort Coachbuilt Plus factors

40 cm high double floor for absolute winter suitability and plenty of storage space
AL-KO low platform broad gauge chassis
2.3 l MJet engine with 130 BHP
Multi-part, easy-to-repair rear light moulding with long-lasting LED rear lights
Gourmet kitchen centre
Digital TRUMA operation panel with many additional functions


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