Chuck Norris promoting Fiat Ducato!

Fiat Professional has launched an advertising campaign featuring Chuck Norris, covering TV, digital media, radio and billboards. The key advertising material are six videos starring Chuck Norris with the Fiat Professional range and the Ducato, Talento, Fullback, Doblò and Fiorino models individually.

The famous actor, whose iconic, indestructible character also enjoys great web popularity, is designed to be an ironic incarnation of the Fiat Professional brand values: determination, solidity, reliability, dynamism and being there.

Chuck Norris will perform amazing, hyperbolic actions in a variety of working scenarios, playing the role of the hero for whom nothing is impossible, whose mere presence is enough to get any wished-for professional outcome, such as stopping a tap dripping at a glance, because "Chuck Norris' tap never loses a drop, it only wins". The message is that a worker who doesn't have Chuck Norris's incredible qualities can still rely on the Fiat Professional full line of vehicles, able to tackle any working task with complete customer satisfaction guaranteed. The result is a format that surprises every time and will support the brand's commercial offers on all markets. The concept is based on the alternative "Be Chuck or be Pro", the only two strategies available for dealing with the workload of a real professional.

In the film about the Ducato range the tone will change slightly, featuring the American actor's facts with references to the action films that have made him famous, to celebrate the leadership of a model that has also achieved legendary status in the commercial vehicle world. The ironic approach is applied again, in a real action movie where the meme figure becomes the vehicle itself: the Ducato, best-seller of the range and leader in many markets, is the only vehicle Chuck Norris can trust when he needs incredible results. The plot and mood are those of an action film, with the whole Ducato range being chased by a band of bikers, an extreme context in which it can show off all its versatility. The campaign, produced by Filmmaster Productions, was created by Leo Burnett and directed by Markus Walter. The films, to be shown both on television and on-line, are supported by radio, press and social media.


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