Carthago updates its range for 2021

Carthago has announced its range for 2021, somewhat later than normal because of the Covid 19 situation in Europe.  The updates for 2021 include making the super lightweight c-compactline model series and the lightweight c-tourer model series lighter, introducing the option of a Mercedes Sprinter as an option as a base vehicle for the c-tourer as well as a new design for the liner-for-two which has an innovative full LED headlight amongst other changes.


Carthago c-compactline/c-tourer: Upgrade and new basic vehicle

A new rear and a new decor has been introduced for the slimline Carthago c-compactline and the lightweight c-tourer as well as upgraded living areas with new furniture architecture in the seating group area, revised combined washrooms with significantly more freedom of movement and improved ergonomics.

Both the c-tourer I and the c-tourer T are now available on Mercedes-Benz as an alternative to the Fiat Ducato as an option.  The Sprinter comes with a special deep frame chassis from AL-KO. This makes the c-tourer T with the star the new premier class in its genre. The extremely high quality and state-of-the-art cockpit of the Sprinter with modern connectivity solutions such as the MBUX multimedia system and many assistance systems are worth a special mention.

If you count the integrated and semi-integrated motorhomes of the c-tourer and the different basic vehicles, you will arrive at 25 models – there has never been so much diversity, and there is very little left to be desired.

All of the integrated models of the c-tourer on the Sprinter and the Ducato are available from model year 2021 with the headlights with full LED technology by request, including daytime driving lights and LED fibre optic technology which have been exclusively developed and manufactured for Carthago. They integrate the low beam, the high beam, the daytime driving lights, the position lights and the indicators in the form of elegant LED strips.


Carthago chic c-line: full LED headlights as standard for the integrated motorhomes

Be it chic c-line I or chic c-line T – the chic c-line is the perfect passport to the world of the Carthago liner class. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Fiat Ducato contribute to the basic vehicle together with an AL-KO special deep frame chassis. The chic c-line I emphasises its exclusivity in the new model year thanks to the standard equipment with the high-performance headlights with full LED technology from Carthago.


Carthago chic e-line / s-plus: Upgrade and driver assistance package for the Daily

The successful models in the upper motorhome class finish off the Carthago Liner class and impress with their appearance, technology and comfort. Introduced a year ago as the “New Generation” with a completely new design and completely new equipment, the developers have carefully carried out further developments in the interior of the double model series based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Ducato (chic e-line) as well as the Iveco Daily (chic s-plus). One example is the new, practical coffee machine lift. The safety technology has made a quantum leap forward: The new driver assistance package of the Daily includes an entire range of cutting edge assistance systems.


Carthago liner-for-two: new design for the exclusive Liner

Anyone who is looking for something special will always find what they are looking for with Carthago, and anyone who is looking for something very special will invariably end up with the fascinating Carthago liner-for-two. With its unique four-room floor plan and sophisticated details, it is a perfect example of the innovative force and inventiveness of Carthago.

The new design of the Carthago liner-for-two is particularly expressive and unmistakeable. The main focus is on the distinctive radiator grille with six chrome-plated double bars. It is flanked on the left and right by the dynamically shaped housings of the fog lights. This combination gives the impressive motorhome a powerful and solid presence on the road. The front is provided with a special highlight by the standard high-performance headlights with full LED technology which have been specially developed for Carthago, including daytime driving lights with LED fibre optic technology.

The models based on the Ducato have a windscreen which has been extended further towards the roof by 13 centimetres. It emphasises the spacious appearance and also improves the visibility of traffic lights and the landscape at the same time. Carthago has also adapted the exterior graphics. The living area of the liner-for-two has particularly benefited from an upgraded interior design.


Other model-encompassing new features

All of the Carthago motorhomes have also benefited from numerous refinements across all model series. There are new attractive aluminium wheels for the motorhomes on the Ducato Maxi chassis. In the kitchens, Carthago has switched to Dometic series 10 refrigerators with a door that opens at both sides. An oven with a grill at convenient hand height can also be optionally installed in the base cabinet in the kitchen of many models. And last but not least, Carthago has freshened up the interior design with completely new upholstery collections. The variety of material combinations is typical of Carthago: textile leather with material, part leather (leather with material) and leather coverings. Be it model series, basic vehicle, floor plan or equipment in detail: more than ever, Carthago is providing made to measure premium motorhomes which are both innovative and fascinating.


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