Carthago liner for two

Carthago unvieled its liner for two at Stuttgart CMT in January 2018.  At first sight it looks very much like the Dethleffs Alpa or Hymer Duomobile or even models from Frankia or Concorde but in other ways it has advanced the concept of two travelling together with a big lounge at the back. 

Like the other vehicles in its class it has a spacious longitudinal fold-down bed consisting of two connected single beds in the front, luxurious living environment with a 270 degree seating group in the rear, and of course a kitchen and bathroom in between.  The new liner-for-two 53 is based on the Carthago chic e-line and measures 783cm in length.


Luxurious C-round seating group

The core of the floor plan is the luxurious C-round seating group in the rear with a single-column table that can be moved in two directions, and an electrically extending TV lounger.  The backrest automatically tilts into a comfortable inclined position. The lounger extends the seat group to 270 degrees, turning it into a true living environment. A 40-inch flat screen is concealed within the sideboard opposite. When it is extended, the spacious lounge seating group is transformed into a comfortable home cinema.


Curved kitchen, luxury bathroom with integrated wardrobe

In front of the seating on the left hand side there are kitchen units with a curved worktop and a plenty of storage space. An elegant counter with the vertical wave that Carthago uses in other models.  The counter has drawers as well as a special feature: when the pull-out is extended, the door to the lower cabinet opens in the opposite direction at the same time. At the front, the kitchen units merge into a slide-out storage cabinet that is integrated in the round bathroom wall. The large 160 litre refrigerator with separate freezer compartment is positioned at convenient hand height at the opposite side.

The bathroom is at the end of the living area in the direction of the driver’s cabin. It consists of the washing and toilet room on the left in the direction of travel, and a large shower cabinet at the opposite side. These can be connected to create a spacious bathroom with changing room. A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is also integrated. A sliding door divides the living area from the sleeping area and the cockpit.

Folding bed

One of the most imaginative contrivances of the liner-for-two 53 is its folding bed above the driver’s cabin seats. This consists of two longitudinally arranged single beds. The front halves of the bed are connected, creating an extensive surface to lie on. The two beds are 200 cm and 195 cm in length. There is a hinge in the middle which fits into the curved roof of the motorhome in the raised position, therefore saving space. The fold-down bed is electrically operated and lies securely onto furniture elements in the sleeping position. A half-height sliding door completely separates the sleeping area from the cockpit, and also provides thermal protection.

The sleeping areas are conveniently accessed using pull-out steps. The underside of the fold-down bed is visually integrated into the living area in a perfect way with wood effect in the same style as the living area, stitched artificial leather panelling and elegant indirect lighting. There is also a clothing cabinet underneath the bed.

The many comfort features of the liner-for-two 53 include hot water heating as standard. If required, Carthago can supplement this with underfloor heating in the seat group area. The liner-for-two 53 is not just comfortable, it is also secure: The living area door has triple locking.

Large double-floor basement and rear garage, even for large Pedelecs

The luxurious storage space of the liner-for-two 53 is even sufficient for full timers. The insulated and heated double floor of the motorhome conceals large tanks and a spacious cellar. It is about 36 cm in height and can be loaded from both sides as through-loading storage space, which can be seen in other Carthago models. Thanks to the lowered areas at the sides, large items such as crates of drink can also be kept in the storage compartment. There is also a large bilge cellar in the double floor in the entrance area. This is also accessible from the outside through a floor hatch with adjustable hinges immediately behind the entrance door. There is also an externally accesible gas box making it easier to reload gas canisters but better would be to fit a refillable solution.

The rear garage of the liner-for-two 53 is accessible from both sides through large hatches.  Carthago has applied for a patent for this garage which can accommodate bicycles with a handlebar height of up to 115 cm in spite of the lounge seating group above. This makes it possible to have a compact vehicle length.


Permissible gross weight of up to 4.8 tons

The integrated motorhome has an elegant Gfk rear with a fully insulated sandwich.  It is based on the Ducato with an AL-KO low frame and has a permissible gross weight of 4.5 tons. The permissible gross weight can be increased to 4.8 tons on request. The price of the integrated motorhome will be 127,250 Euros.


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