Carthago Chic C Line i 4 7

The video review shows the Chic C Line i4.7 luxury motorhome filmed at the Carthago HQ in Aulendorf, Germany.  This model has a double floor along its entire length which is heated and allows for signficant storage. Lightweight construction technology means larger payloads.  It has wood-free main cabins and full aluminium sandwich walls. Hail and stone protection is from the upper side of the roof and underfloor being made from GRP. The Faraday cage of the main body construction offers reliable lightning protection, the design of the double floor and the support struts inserted into the main body contribute to chassis stability.

A changing room can be separated completely in the middle section using room dividing doors to the living area and to the bedroom area using a pleated material room divider. This is next to the wardrobe and should allow one to change from long trousers to shorts without the neighbours peeking in.

Every Carthago is equipped with a scooter garage. It carries at least 350 kg, from chic e-line even 450 kg. The power supply of electronic devices is now taken over by an additional USB connector in the cockpit - with permanent current, thus ideal for pitches. A

The vehicle has a Euro 6 engine, central water drain fitting and inside one finds a 22" (55cm) television screen which is available as an option.








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