Carthago C Line i4.8

This vehicle is based on the Fiat Ducato AL-KO Tiefrahmen 35 light or 40 heavy chassis with a 2.3 litre diesel engine putting out 130 hp.  It measures 739 x 227 x 289.  The double floor measures 17 cm.  Internal height varies from 198cm in the living area (except under the bed)

There is 120cm of height in the garage with equal doors on either side measuring 104x114cm.  

There is a choice of four GVWs of either 3500 and 3850 or 4250 and 4500kg depending on the chassis option chosen.  The base empty weight is 2950 kg.

There are four or five seating places with the same amount of sleeping spaces.  The rear bed is 200 x 190cm whilst the cabin bed measures 160 x 195 cm.

Heating is via the Truma Combi 6.  Thefre is a 170 litre fresh water tank and the grey water tank holds 110 litres.

Power is via 2x80 Ah Gel

The price starts from EUR91.400



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