Cabin door for high end RVs

RVDoors, a company based in Italy that specialises in the production of doors for motorhomes, officially became a part of the Lippert Components Group in July 2017. RVDoors has recently introduced a new cabin door for motorhomes.

RVDoors will be attending the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf to showcase a new cabin door for motorhomes designed for the high-end market. A product that reiterates the specialisation of RVDoors in the production of high-quality cabin doors and that bypasses the structural limits of the existing product, especially with regard to the retaining arm.

"The old door featured an arm with a rather simplistic design", explains Daniele Scavazzon, Production Manager at RVDoors, "with a bracket coupled to a gas spring. The new door, on the other hand, is equipped with an automotive arm, which allows the door to be stopped in three pre-configured positions, just as on cars. At a later stage, a door-stop locking mechanism integrated into the arm will also be adopted. Improved in many respects, the door guide has a modern look and an improved sealing system, with a single profile with an intermediate seal. Our goal is to increasingly specialise in the manufacture of cabin doors for the motorhome, with a focus on high quality and aesthetic value. And let’s not forget that one of RVDoors' strengths is its flexibility in organising production”.

Flexibility for RVDoors means modifying the standard door to create different formats, a different design of the internal panel, adding or removing servomechanisms... But flexibility also means being able to work both on small batch orders requested by minor or niche-market constructors and on orders from large industrial groups. The price factor is just as important, and RVDoors manages to be very competitive in that respect.

“We are experiencing a very positive trend in business”, concludes Daniele Scavazzon,“The arrival of Lippert Components has brought a sense of security and a desire to improve performance, and there is a strong sense of belonging. We have acquired new customers and continue to invest in production technology and in improving the product".



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