Arto 77E

The Arto 76 E has, up to now, been one of the most popular layouts of the 13-part model series by Niesmann+Bischoff and accounts for some 20 percent of sales.  Managing Director Hubert Brandl now reveals what changes are to be made “In future, we will be replacing the Arto 76 E by bringing the Arto 77 E on the road. The extension by ten centimetres is mainly due to the longer rear beds, through which we wish to further improve the sleeping comfort for taller people in particular”. In addition, a standard series solid sliding door, which, like on the Flair, separates the sleeping and living room areas will be added.

Other changes include a new, high-performance stove in the kitchens and the electrics have been moved into the garage making them easier to access.  Two spotlights have been mounted under the lifting bed, and LED strip lighting under the sleeping area. The indirect lighting over the wall cabinets in the living area is dimmable in the standard series, as well as the “Green Grass” accentuation lighting consisting of real grass stalks in the living room door.

In addition, there are diverse new special equipment variations – from the living room seating group, which can be optionally converted into a sleeping area, or the resonance loudspeakers in the living area, right up to the six metre-long awning with highly convenient electrical operation. And one small change has occurred in the designation: the Arto 79 F is now called the Arto 78 F – the popular queen (highland) bed layout has remained unchanged.