Adria Twin Supreme

This series offers innovative new floor plans and functionalities in the S2019 with brand new Supreme models. Stylish interior design, new open-plan living space design for more space and headroom, are complemented by many novelties: Exclusive Sky Roof in the new Supreme, where the double-panoramic windows brings more light and a whole new sense of space. Adria has managed to integrate the living space and the cabin into a space that offers comfort and accommodation – Sky Lounge. Double panoramic windows create more headroom and freedom of movement in the cab area. Supreme models have a classic-modern look.Design is attractive and automotive with shiny white cabinets. The new kitchen blocks with a fully functional kitchen have clean, unfussy lines and a neat worktop. New bathroom solution comes with the eye-catching new Adria duplex design. The hinged wall allows you to effectively have two washrooms in a room.