25 years since the Mondial came out

In 1995 Carthago introduced the Mondial, the first vehicle the company built based on the Mercedes platform.  Today the company uses the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for its chic c-line and the chic e-line. 


Yesterday: Carthago Mondial, pioneering for modern motorhomes

“There are some real Sprinter enthusiasts among our customers”, notes Bernd Wuschack, managing director of sales, marketing and customer service at Carthago. This was already the case 25 years ago when the impressive Carthago Mondial was introduced. With the full aluminium sandwich, the continuous heated double floor storage compartment, a lowered rear storage compartment and rock solid equipment, it already had many of the features of the Carthago DNA.

Since the Mondial , many legendary Carthago motorhomes have since been produced on Mercedes-Benz, such as the M-Liner as the first integrated motorhome from Europe’s number one premium brand, the unforgettable Opus and also the Carthago chic.


Today: Carthago chic c-line I/chic e-line – the journey continues

For the current season, the Mondial and its colleagues have again found some fascinating successors in the form of the new generation of the Carthago chic e-line and the chic c-line I. Bernd Wuschack: “The breakthrough came with the new front-wheel drive Sprinter. In conjunction with an AL-KO low frame, it means that motorhomes with the complete Carthago Premium DNA are available”.

Typical Carthago features of the new motorhomes with the star are exclusive full LED headlights, the unmistakeable design, the excellent Carthago superstructure technology and the equipment, which is both comfortable and practical. Among other things, the Sprinter has advantages such as nine-gear automatic transmission, the MBUX Infotainment system and state of the art assistance systems. The combination of these results in top class motorhomes – just like the Mondial was.


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