Greetings from Zgorzelec

14 October 2018
Zgorzelec in Polish, Goerlitz in German is a town split between the two countries divided by the river Nysa (Neisse) although there are no s
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Zgorzelec - Goerlitz on the Polish - German border

23 December 2017
A walk around the joint Polish - German town of Zgorzelec - Goerlitz.  The latter is the easternmost town in Germany whilst Zgorzelec i
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A night in Zgorzelec on the Polish - German border

23 September 2017
It may now have been one month ago but a motorhome journey is always exciting to look back on - particularly when going somewhere where ther
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Food for 12 day van journey

18 December 2016
I am about to go to Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf and I won't be going to the shops for 12 days so I need to take all my food with me. So what
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