Lilie Certec 3-in-1water purification

23 December 2018
Certec® 3in1 und WaTu® by Certec®: Extracts germs without silver The unique material combination consisting of Certec® ceramic and Bio-Elect
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Rapid cleaning of water systems

23 December 2017
The Multiman Pink Box came onto the market in August 2017 and aims to give rapid cleaning of the drinking water system. Drinking water tanks
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Rebuilding the van

03 August 2017
This week sees the beginning of a new motorhome adventure - but not one which involves travel.  This week, the reconstruction of my mot
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Site saved from closure as health board rules on water

16 July 2016
A motorhome park in Iowa has been given a new lease of life after health officials decided that the owner of the park, Brant Lemer, had
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Water for the wild camper

10 December 2015
Water for your camper van is a bit of a problem, furthermore water goes off and needs to be changed regularly.  Here I describe a place
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Drivers not taking breaks on long journeys

16 July 2015
As many as 65 per cent of drivers on long journeys do not to stop to take rest breaks on the motorway because they don’t feel they have any
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Shower head may make water softer

31 March 2015
To give a better, more powerful shower with the benefit of softer water whilst touring, Ecocamel, a manufacturer of the water and energy
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Instant soup in your van?

16 March 2015
Instant soup is a big hit for campers!  A small sachet and boiling water and you have got yourself what may appear to be a drink which
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Nałęczów spa, Poland

26 December 2014
Nałęczów is located between Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny in eastern Poland. It is easily accessible by public transport from both towns. 
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Outer plug protection range developed

27 November 2014
German system developer FAWO has developed its ABL-Sursum 13 range with various devices campers need on the outside of their vehicles. 
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