Motorhome roadtrip: Aussie holiday from hell

01 April 2015
A family compares the joys of motorhoming in the US and Australia and comes to the conclusion that it is easier in the former due to better
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Winnebago to open new plant

31 March 2015
Recreational vehicle manufacturer Winnebago is to increase production through a new motorhome assembly plant in Waverly, Iowa, the company a
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Walmart may crack down on campers

27 March 2015
Walmart is known as a place where campers can stop the night free of charge.  As it happens, this is not the official policy of the com
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2015 the best year since 2006 for RV sales in the US

25 March 2015
The market for recreational vehicles in the US continues to be strong as shipments increased by 12.5 percent in February from January accord
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Restrictions may exist on parking a motorhome on one's own drive

13 March 2015
We have often discussed the problem with parking large motorhomes whilst touring, however there is also the problem of parking it on one's o
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Why motorhome users eat better

12 March 2015
It seems a bit odd that people in Mediterranean countries are so thin and more than most we need to ask why the French are not noted for bei
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Drug bust Prevost Marathon going under the hammer

25 February 2015
This Prevost Marathon Luxury Edition, with 159,000 miles on the odometer, was seized under the Florida’s Contraband Forfeiture Act during a
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Sixth year of growth for US RV industry

28 January 2015
RV shipments are expected to grow for the sixth year in succession in 2015, according to the US Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (R
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US sales surge as fuel prices plunge

28 January 2015
Lower fuel prices have led to a upturn in demand for motorhomes in the USA.  According to a forecast published by the Recreational Vehi
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The beginning of a tax on fizzy drinks?

13 November 2014
In Berkeley, California voters supported the introduction of a penny per fluid ounce (30ml) tax on sodas in an election on 4 November 2014.
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