Greater profits for Tourism Holdings

29 December 2017
New Zealand based RV rental company Tourism Holdings says annual profit will be about 10 per cent higher from new tax legislation passed in
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Motorhome odyssey brings Arab art to US backwaters

07 December 2017
From the outside, it resembles the all-American road vehicles that cruise freeways from coast to coast. But inside, rich red fabrics and Ara
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Best time ever for RV business in US

07 December 2017
The RV business has never had such good times in the US thanks not only to a strong economy and greater number of retirees with cash but als
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Best August ever in US!

05 October 2017
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s August survey of manufacturers found RV wholesale shipments were 45,031 units, an increase of
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Break in caught on camera

09 March 2017
Two films have been published on YouTube showing a thief breaking through a window and into a 2006 Prowler Fleetwood RV parked at Saddl
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Hard to wild camp in California

01 March 2017
The US may be the land of the free but this does not apply as far as your motorhome is concerned. When I lived in Santa Barbara, California,
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Fire destroys motorhome in Virginia

30 January 2017
The photograph shows a motorhome that was completely destroyed by fire in Suffolk, Virginia, US.  By the time the fire department arriv
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Candle destroys van as owner sleeps

07 December 2016
The photograph shows the remains of a motorhome, destroyed by fire on 30 November 2016 as the result of a candle that was unattended after t
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Motorhome renter going public

05 October 2016
Apollo Motorhomes has announced that it intends to make a stock market entry on the Australian ASX on 4 November 2016 with the aim of r
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