San Gregorio nelle Alpi, Italy

28 July 2018
Aire located within the Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi which offers water and dump and has night lighting. The park has existed sin
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Camping Vidor prepares for the winter!

17 November 2017
A truly exceptional winter awaits those who choose a holiday experience at the Camping Vidor & Wellness Resort. The magnificent snow-cov
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Skye may charge to allieve congestion

01 November 2017
World Heritage status could be sought for the Isle of Skye and charging may begin at some of the most popular sites as part of new plan
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UNESCO sites in Campania, Italy

25 September 2017
Italy has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country and five ae in Campania.  They include the remains of Pompei,&nb
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Salzburg - a fairy tale city!

04 August 2017
Salzburg is not real.  It is like a nineteenth century fairy story referring to another age.  This is the central Europe of fairy
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Tour the Kent of Jane Austen

26 July 2017
Jane Austen, one of the most widely read writers in English literature, spent much time in Kent and knew it intimately. It was indeed connec
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A royal motorhome tour of Kent!

20 June 2017
The Royal Family visits Kent around 18 tmes per year, both as patrons of many organisations and for pleasure. The title of Duke of Kent date
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Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany

23 April 2017
The 210 square kilometre Berchtesgaden National Park is in the south of Germany, in a piece of land that juts out into Austria centred
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Along the Via Emilia!

04 November 2016
A few years ago I was travelling through Italy along one of the ancient Roman roads when I thought that it would be fun to travel if from st
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Prespa National Park, Greece

12 September 2016
The Prespa National Park (PNP) is situated in Northwest Greece, in the Region of West Macedonia; it covers an area of 327km2 and is part of
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