Is Goodyear Headed for NHTSA Sanctions?

20 January 2018
Six years after Goodyear’s efforts to conceal the defects of its G159 truck tire enraged a U.S. District Court judge, NHTSA appears ready to
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Tyre explosion kills man

07 January 2018
A man was killed when his truck tyre exploded whilst being inflated on 21 December 2017  The tyre was the Couragia M/T, designed for SU
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TyreSafe introduces motorhome tyre pressure checker

21 August 2017
A new feature on the TyreSafe website enables motorhome users to check the correct tyre pressures for their vehicles. Fully compatible
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Goodyear wins legal case

23 April 2017
Goodyear has won a case in the US Supreme Court involving a dispute over a USD2.7 million penalty it was ordered to pay an Arizona family to
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Goodyear appealing over motorhome crash liability

05 October 2016
The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal by Goodyear and two of its attorneys in respect of a 2005 award against the tyre man
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Insurer offers discounts on tyre safety devices

22 September 2016
Motorhome insurance specialist, Caravan Guard, is encouraging motorhome owners to invest in various tyre safety devices by offering reduced
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Tyre warning!

28 July 2016
A warning to keep tyres in check.  This could have caused a fellow motorhomer a major problem on the UK M1.  Remember that they ma
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Goodyear appealing motorhome liability case

15 June 2016
Lawyers representing Goodyear petitioned the US Supreme Court on 7 June 2016 to hear their argument that lower federal courts
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Lady killed after tyre puncture

15 June 2016
The 64 year old lady passenger of a motorhome was killed in Oklahoma when the vehicle she was travelling in overturned whilst travelling on
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Nominations for safety awards sought

23 March 2016
TyreSafe, the UK’s not-for-profit tyre safety awareness organisation, is inviting all road safety stakeholders to enter submissions for the&
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