Truma offering air conditioning package

27 February 2017
Truma is offering an air conditioning promotional package to those who are upgrading with a Truma Aventa or Saphir air conditioner in&n
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In the van in winter at night

18 February 2017
It is winter, night and I am in the motorhome.  This is the Hymer Van S500 and this is how I live in it.
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Truma warns of leakage risk

11 February 2017
During the course of its quality assurance Truma has established that there may be leaks in the Truma gas outdoor socket and two gas removal
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Tour of Hymer Van S500

05 February 2017
This is the Hymer Van S500 motorhome, measuring only 565cm in length.  Indeed a large part of the length is taken up by the long nose o
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Heating system to be won!

19 December 2016
At the CMT trade fair in January 2017 in Stuttgart, Truma will be running its slot machine every day where one could win a Truma iNet System
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Lightweight heating installation for campers

19 December 2016
The Truma VarioHeat is a lightweight unit is suitable for installation in vans, compact caravans or even as an auxiliary heater for larger m
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Truma donates Christmas money to charity

05 December 2016
Rather than send out Christmas presents to customers and business partners, motorhome equipment supplier Truma has elected to donate EUR10k
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Truma offering Christmas service

31 October 2016
Truma has announced that it will have six service technicians available from 24 December to 31 December 2016  at the following camp sit
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Finding out motorhome status via SMS

18 July 2016
A joint project by LMC and Truma is the LMC iBus connect which enables remote control of the Truma devices on an LMC motorhome.  Furthe
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Advantages of a combi heater

16 July 2016
A combi heater in the van has the benefit of heating the vehicle at the same time as producing hot water. For the Truma Combi, the hea
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