Thetford revolutionises RV toilet and waste water infrastructure

27 May 2020
Thetford has announced the launch of its iNDUS system which will completely revolutionise RV waste water infrastructure and indeed RV constr
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Raising the height of your toilet!

17 March 2019
Those that find that they need more height on their toilet even after taking out the duckboard in their wetroom might be interested in the T
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Solbio Original

23 December 2018
Solbio Original is an organic fluid for mobile toilets which has pure, fresh scents.  It is made exclusively from natural ingredients w
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Thetford Friends test Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated

20 March 2018
During the recent RV show season Thetford introduced a new family of Aqua Kem®, the Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated and the Aqua Kem Blue Lavende
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New cleaning machines in operation

03 October 2016
Thetford has updated its cleaning machine with the first units now installed on campsites in the Netherlands.  One places the the waste
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Waste tanks can be upgraded to have wheels

03 October 2016
Thetford introduced Toilet Fresh-Up Set for the C200 and C2/C3/C4 with the waste-holding tanks on wheels at the beginning of 2015.  Sin
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Thetford replaces toilet from 1993

18 August 2016
Thetford has launched the C220 Cassette replace the C200, originally released in 1993. “For the development of this toilet, we
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Camper Clean

Camper Clean to accept Dometic cassettes

11 July 2016
Camper Clean, a system that automatically empties, cleans and disinfects toilet cassettes, will be able to clean the current Dometic ca
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Magnet to keep the waste cassette door open

16 November 2015
The height of bad design must be those vehicles which have a waste-holding tank with hinges along the top, meaning that one needs to us
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Portable toilets - a solution for campers

04 June 2015
Portable toilets may be a solution for those desiring a bit more comfort than an empty plastic jar when travelling in older camper vans that
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