Thule and Thetford join forces in China

25 August 2020
Thetford and Thule RV Products start a distribution partnership in the Chinese RV market. Both companies have a shared ambition to claim pol
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Thetford revolutionises RV toilet and waste water infrastructure

27 May 2020
Thetford has announced the launch of its iNDUS system which will completely revolutionise RV waste water infrastructure and indeed RV constr
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Raising the height of your toilet!

17 March 2019
Those that find that they need more height on their toilet even after taking out the duckboard in their wetroom might be interested in the T
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Thetford opens distribution centre

07 January 2019
In response to the growing market and global production of Recreational Vehicles, Thetford BV has opened a new Thetford European Distributio
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Thetford acknowledged in Business Award Baronie of Breda!

24 April 2018
Thetford has been rewarded for entrepreneurship and ‘Employer Branding’. The Business Award Baronie of Breda celebrates entrepreneurship and
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Thetford introduces second generation electric fridge

22 February 2018
Thetford recently introduced the T1090, the first compressor refrigerator especially designed for the campervan. Meanwhile the second genera
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Thetford introduces slim framed doors

20 May 2017
Thetford recently launched new doors for the N3000 series refrigerators. A new slim door frame which completely changes the looks of the ref
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Thetford Aqua Blue Lavender

High marks for Lavender Blue

13 April 2017
Thetford introduced its Lavender scented Aqua Kem Blue toilet additive last year at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf and it says that a poll amo
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New cleaning machines in operation

03 October 2016
Thetford has updated its cleaning machine with the first units now installed on campsites in the Netherlands.  One places the the waste
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Waste tanks can be upgraded to have wheels

03 October 2016
Thetford introduced Toilet Fresh-Up Set for the C200 and C2/C3/C4 with the waste-holding tanks on wheels at the beginning of 2015.  Sin
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