Photo from Twitter - @HCESD_48_Fire

Man critically injured in fire

26 October 2016
A fire in Katy Lake RV Resort, West Houston, Texas on 22 October 2016.has injured seven people, one very seriously.   When firefight
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Your motorhome breaks down, it is your problem!

16 July 2016
We must have all thought about this problem.  What can we do if our motorhome breaks down in an embarrassing position?  Unlike a c
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Thor being sued in Texas

15 June 2016
A man is suing Thor Motor Coach Inc. for a faulty new vehicle he purchased which, he claims, neither the manufacturer nor the dealer were wi
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RV tourism rebounding in the US

17 February 2016
One hundred years ago, in 1916, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone helped popularise life on the road when they hit the roa
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No parking on your property in Plainview

18 November 2015
Plainview is a town in Texas, which uses as a slogan 'explore the possibilities'.  One of those possibilities is to make sure that Plai
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Burning van pulls into petrol station

16 July 2015
A burning Winnebago drove into a petrol station in Kosse, Texas when the driver pulled in to ring for help - apparently without considering
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