Matcha - what evidence is there to back up the health claims?

22 February 2018
I was walking around Tesco and I came across some Matcha tea.  I have heard a lot about Matcha and being into health food decided to gi
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A culinary tour of Kent

20 November 2016
Kent has been known as the “Garden of England” ever since Henry VIII tucked into a bowl of juicy Kentish cherries and developed a passion fo
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Allergy season has arrived

24 March 2015
We are now coming to the part of the year where in the northern hemisphere many people have a problem with allergies.  Indeed, dependin
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motorhome toilet

Treating diarrhea whilst touring

22 March 2015
Diarrhea is no fun when you are travelling but this is the time you are most likely to get it and it seems to get worse as one ages.  F
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Instant soup in your van?

16 March 2015
Instant soup is a big hit for campers!  A small sachet and boiling water and you have got yourself what may appear to be a drink which
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