Nissan develop new electrical motor system

28 September 2016
Nissan has developed a new kind of fuel cell technology which it says will not only increase the range of electrical vehicles but also 
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Study suggests we should consume full fat dairy products

27 April 2016
The transition to drinking low fat or no fat milk was difficult and most of us who can recall the 1980s will remember it.  However new
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Zero calories can still be fattening

10 June 2015
Coke Zero may well have zero fat, zero sugar and some may argue zero taste but is it going to help you lose weight?  After all, if it h
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The beginning of a tax on fizzy drinks?

13 November 2014
In Berkeley, California voters supported the introduction of a penny per fluid ounce (30ml) tax on sodas in an election on 4 November 2014.
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