The age of the driver is over. The age of the passenger is beginning

30 November 2016
A project involving the Erwin Hymer Group, the University of Waterloo and BlackBerry QNX has put automated cars on
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Bimobil EX 366

Bimobil EX366

09 February 2016
The EX366 is an all-wheel drive compact motorhome for two people. The basic model has a payload of 450 kg while remaining und
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Ultra compact range launched

16 January 2016
The Hymer Van S was  launched at the beginning of 2016 and one can say that it is a new generation of ultra-compact motorhomes. The sem
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Winnebago has dominant position in US compact market

15 April 2015
Winnebago attained a compact motorhome market share of 43.2% in 2014 in the US. "We define a compact motorhome as any Class A, B or C pro
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Ford Transit Murvi Morello

13 February 2015
British producer Murvi has launched a new model based on Ford’s Transit LWB, the Morello.  Until now the Morello has been based on the
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Bimobil LB365 on a Mercedes Sprinter

Bimobil LB365

04 January 2015
The LB 365 is a very spacious and comfortable motorhome for two or four persons, built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis and having e
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Motorhomes being equipped with Mercedes safety features

03 December 2014
Last year, Mercedes-Benz equipped its new Sprinter with innovative driver assistance systems which have now been added to motorhomes. 
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la Strada Regent S : a 4x4 Mercedes camper

24 November 2014
Regent S is a compact camper van by la strada based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The living space of the la strada Regent S is designed fo
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Bimobil HD420 on a Mercedes Sprinter.

Bimobil HD420

06 November 2014
The HD 420 is mounted on the Mercedes Sprinter Single Cab chassis. The layout has two bunk beds in the rear, each with its own curtain for p
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Lunar Landstar

23 October 2014
The Lunar Landstar is based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.  Driving features include cruise control, a multifunctional steering wheel,
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