Basques see the benefit of RVs

17 March 2018
Authorities in the Basque Country of Spain have seen the benefit of attracting German tourists and one of their preferred means of transport
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San Sebastian, Spain

06 February 2018
Free aire for motorhomes up to eight metres in length which is open throughout the year, located next to the university and at around 3km wa
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Master plan for San Sebastian

06 February 2018
For those seeking the sun in their vans as they travel south, those taking the less travelled westerly route will reach San Sebastian as the
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San Sebastian

San Sebastian - the place to eat!

06 February 2018
In 1984 during an Interrail trip around Europe, friends took me to a restaurant in the Old Town of San Sebastian and I have remembered that
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One of Spain's largest campsites opens

20 January 2018
One of the largest campsites in Spain opened on 15 January 2018 with 210 spaces for motorhomes and was termed “caravanning heaven,” by devel
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Alicante Aire, Spain

11 November 2017
Alicante has opened an aire for stays of up to 48 hours, close to the metropolitan tram service and the beach.  It is open all the
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Where German campers go

17 August 2017
According to the German ADAC Germany (28.1 percent) remains by far the most popular holiday destination for German campers, followed by
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Airbnb is a motorhome under a flyover

14 August 2017
Holidaymakers heading to Spain's popular coastal city of San Sebastien might have thought they landed on a bargain after stumbling across a
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Fire kills man in Torremolinos

13 May 2017
A 66 year old Spanish male died in his motorhome following what witnesses described as three explosions coming from the vehicle followe
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National Ferries fortnight

Ferry fortnight in ninth year

05 May 2017
Britain’s annual National Ferry Fortnight will this year take place from 6 – 20 May 2017. Now in its ninth year, National Ferry Fortnight is
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